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Developing Leaders and Teams in Kent and London- Cheryl Brooker

Cheryl Brooker, Developing Leaders & Teams in the Workplace


Developing Leaders and Teams Via Your Leadership Insight and Skills

You want to make sure you are  maximising your strengths, focusing on what’s important to you and working on the areas that will really make a difference both in getting results and keeping you motivated, fresh and hungry for your next opportunity or challenges.


One way I can help you with this through coaching.  Starting by identifying:

  • Your aims and goals
  • What’s most important to you?
  • What’s the reality of where you are now?


All of which is so important to work through properly before we move onto what you are going to aim for, how you are going to get there, working with those who will help you get there and making sure you stay motivated enjoy the outcomes.


You are doing this for you, and I will really enjoy helping you get there.

There are also tools we can use to support your development – ask me about them to find out more.


Your team – what shape are they in?

In concentrating on yourself as a leader, on where you want your organisation to be and the results you want to achieve, are you clear what shape your team is in? In turn this focus could help your further understanding of developing leaders and teams within your organisation.


  • Team days and events – Think about giving them quality time together, and identify what we are going to work on:
  • a specific challenge or project.
  • Planning for the next 12 months?
  • A programme change or delivering a new service or product?
  • Developing leaders of the future perhaps?

We are not talking about taking the team out of work for days and days, but time before and event with you to plan what’s needed, the crucial outcomes and how we will work together on the day.

The day or days themselves are planned to pack a punch, get everyone stuck in and strike the right balance of challenge and fun.  Always finishing any event with a clear set of actions and follow-up activity that the team is truly bought into.

Follow-up should ensure there is progress for everyone in the team  with  benefits and results realised, or the consequences of in-action clear  and what happens next to turn this around.

Not every event is without consequence for those who do not deliver or are no longer a fit for the team or organisation.  But there are always  next steps and  support to help you handle that.

  • Focusing on real staff engagement – Much talked about, seldom achieved.  We don’t need to wrap this up in lots of management jargon.

Engagement is about identifying what matters to your people, talking, delivering what is promised and listening to them before  managers and leaders can make good decisions and informed choices. How are we going to do this together?

  •  To identify what we need managers and leaders to do,  what we expect from everyone in a position of management and leadership in your organisation.
  • Identifying any essential skills of behaviour development or training.
  • Making sure that we design and deliver communications and events that capture  interest and spark your people into action. Clear messages & expectations.
  • Measuring the impact of what you are doing – is it working?



Getting the best out of coaching and mentoring

Are you using coaching and mentoring within your organisation at the moment?

Maybe in an informal or ad-hoc way, could get more out of it?

Consider what you could gain from any or all of the following:


  • Accredited Coaching Programmes
  • Making sure your managers and leaders have a coaching style to use when appropriate to bring out the best in your people.  You can give them a 1 day introduction to Coaching, make them stop and think about how they work with their people;, or go further and ask them to undertake a coaching programme.  We offer accredited ILM coaching programmes levels 3 and 5.


  • Accredited Mentoring Programmes
  • Developing a group of coaches or mentors within your organisation, maybe link to quality or development roles you already have, to work alongside and compliment management in developing your people.
  • Through our accredited ILM coaching and mentoring programmes we make sure that we don’t forget the context and environment you are working in, while helping individuals on the programme to deliver results that keep them and those they are working with motivated and actively striving for results. Through this process it will help you to develop leaders and teams as well as growing yourself on the journey.


I am accredited to the EMCC-European Coaching and Mentoring Council, specifically in the field of  developing leaders and mentoring people.


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