Exploring what it means to feel truly alive

Exploring what it means to feel truly alive

I find myself more and more curious both for myself and to borrow that famous radio quote “everyone who knows me” about the light and shade; need & opportunity; success & difficulty. Not just in pointing out the ends of each spectrum, but in looking to understand:

  • Where a person can be at any given point?
  • What each of us tried?
  • What is and isn’t working for us?
  • How open are any of us to exploring any aspect of our health and well-being?

Over recent years my curiosity had started to grow around mental as well as physical health, with media & publicity from various well known faces speaking out. Plus going through loss myself, working with or knowing friends and colleagues going through difficulties, maybe my radar had been switched up a gear?


Exploring feeling truly alive

Exploring feeling truly alive

But then two things have happened in the last 6 months – during some Leadership Insight feedback the notion of high energy and its ‘relationship’ to masking depressive lows came up AND, I heard an interview with Matt Haig which has led me so far into 80 pages of his book ‘Reasons to Stay Alive”.


Neither concept or subject (depression) had hit my receptors in this way before, but now I find so much to explore from both starting points.


On the former I have always been high energy, get stuck in, overcome what is thrown at me and never knowingly recognised lows which to be honest now seem not only obvious with hindsight necessary. Hearing Matt’s interview with Simon Mayo and now part way through his story, I am exploring places with his help that I might not have had such open access to.


His openness and frankness is amazing and to share Ian Rankin’s endorsement is “Fascinating and beautifully written”. Bringing another depth to the work I do for myself & hopefully with those I support. Because to quote Matt from the last line of the page I’ve just read “I suppose, in the absence of universal certainties, we are our own best laboratory”.


Putting that into context, we need to be open to explore and experiment, which means not getting everything right; finding what works and striving for what “does it for you”.


Right now I’m feeling exhilarated by “what it means to feel truly alive?” and how my work enables me to be part of such journeys with others.


Enjoy the spring sunshine where ever you are and maybe look out the book?

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