Making leadership personal to make things happen!

Making leadership personal to make things happen!

I’ve been coaching officially as a qualified coach for over 10 years now, but before that informally for most of my learning and development-based career.

Over that time I’ve taken part in and delivered many different types of leadership and development programmes, and many of those have been beneficial and seen change and positive outcomes for those taking part. I still support and provide programmes for managers coming together, action learning sets and coaching – they are gateways to give access to and open up learning for managers, leaders and teams.

But, in a world with so many opportunities and challenges, a world that changes so fast with so many complexities and pressures for us to navigate I believe we have an opportunity to take things back closer to home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning we should throw anything out with the bath water, on the contrary group development and learning is vital and I certainly hope I don’t lose such work from my portfolio. But having had a taste of bringing leadership closer to home and taking my coaching beyond into Leadership Insight I have a clear aim for this year:

  1. To take Leadership Insight into key individuals within the NHS and show just how powerful it can be for them personally, the teams they lead and ultimately, the patients and communities they serve
  2. See how building LI in my region can impact on personal and business growth for others like me, making a splash in their industry or sector

I am so lucky that I learn every day from the people I work with and support, so I want to make sure I don’t just earn a living, but can really have an impact with and for others.

Being honest, I don’t have evaluation facts and figures to share with you, the ROI evidence of any research studies. It’s just not how Leadership Insight has been developed or delivered to date. I do have a bucket load of quotes and testimonials I could share with you, but I’m only going to share 1 for now:

 “The initial questionnaire was really challenging and I have not been asked to divulge this level of information during leadership development before. It was at this stage I knew the process was going to be completely different from any previous coaching I have received and it’s definitely taking me further”

BUT I know in this day and age of tight budgets that maybe we do need to get sharper about how we evidence impact, so I’m looking to attract new LI clients who are willing to help me gather some tangible evidence to show as well as experience the difference.

I’m not giving it away though, because true value still requires investment. But I am reducing the cost by 50% for the first 15 new clients who sign-up, so we can help each other.

So to find out more about the time and money you will be investing in your future, and to talk to me about Leadership Insight, all you need to do is call or write.

Let’s make a different splash in healthcare and in business!

Make leadershipLeader personal!


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