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Cheryl Brooker - Personal Coaching based in London and Kent

Personal Coaching from Cheryl Brooker

Personal Coaching ,is it  for me? heard from a friend, colleague or read about how much impact they can have?  Well it depends on two things – how much you put into the coaching and your choice of coach.


You need to know what to expect from me as your coach and how I will coach you. You’ll find me:

  • Focused on your goals and what is important to you
  • Not afraid to challenge, chase down those actions that will get you results
  • Supportive and responsive to what you need from each conversation, as well as the goals you are working towards overall


What can a coach help you with?

A series of conversations that  help and support you to get results in whatever you need at a given point in time.  Such as making the most of a promotion, enhancing your leadership skills or building effective working relationships; working through and making best of any change, disappointment, a difficult situation or loss.


However, whether you are seeking coaching for a specific point in your career, life, or as part of ongoing personal development, the conversations and our relationship will be built on:

  • Belief in your potential
  • Trust and respect
  • Commitment and motivation
  • Confidentiality and support.


What can you expect during our personal coaching sessions?

  • Attention on actions that lead to results
  • Being listened to in a safe space, no judgement, allowing time to be heard and work through what things mean for you
  • Questions that help you really identify and clarify your goals
  • Questions designed to unblock and tap into your knowledge, skills, what you know and who you know…all your resources
  • Uncovering or working with feedback – are you making the most of it?


How does it work?

Typically clients book a series of sessions after an initial conversation, having agreed a contract of support.  Session times are designed around your needs. Locations are chosen so that you feel comfortable and frequency to fit around your ongoing commitments and subjects we are working on. I am able to coach you in Kent, London or another area by prior arrangement, please contact me to start your personal coaching  sessions today.

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