The Invisible Consequences for Leaders

The Invisible Consequences for Leaders

Invisible consequences still leave a mark

Invisible consequences still leave a mark

Invisible, hidden, obscured, subconscious…but which ever descriptor chosen to inflate or deflate emphasis, one thing clear to me is the ‘consequence’ of how we are & what we do for us as leaders, our friends, family colleagues and organisations. In fact let’s not be shy you could follow the knock on effect all the way to the universe!

Would I really take it that far? Well yes if I’m riding the wave of being inspired by current reading and personal experience. The more I dive into how we experience life, make or don’t make connections between our thoughts, feelings and actions; the more I appreciate how much more we can do for ourselves and invest in ourselves to live & love life whatever twists, turns & opportunities arise.

Every one of us makes decisions consciously or instinctively, but do we take time and help to decode or even just appreciate the invisible impact or consequence it’s having on us? I would be as bold as to say no where near enough!

Yes it involves what:
1. Drives us, is important to us as principles in how we live, work & play
2. Triggers a reaction, a response in us whether we notice it at the time or not
3. Our response and behaviour may be in any given situation and;
4. Reaction we experience from others

But there is always so much going on creating both the richness of life and challenges, with home & family, friends, colleagues, health, fears, dreams, targets and decisions. It can build up still hidden with us underestimating the physical and mental impact it’s having. Do we add up the small stuff we notice, if we notice it? We could all be helping ourselves more and helping each other. The possibilities are there for the taking.

As I’ve found over the last few years, taking a leap into such personal leadership insight is a game changer, it opens up a new world and brings the invisible into sight.

Here comes the day, let’s see…

Your call to action now – get in touch if you’d like a taste of what is possible for you!

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