Leadership starts within...

Leadership Insight describes the interplay between our emotional responses, the actions we take and the responses we elicit in others. 
It provides a powerful, personalised analysis of your life and work priorities; ways of engaging with work and action.

Think of the leaders you have learnt from, good and bad. Think about the management courses and programmes you've attended or the books you've read.  Whilst we can emulate traits we find positive and practice different tools and techniques that are helpful, each of us is unique, just like those we lead in our organisation and teams, partnerships and professions.

Usually we have dedicated years of study to gain the essential knowledge, skills and experience needed during our career; but have we undertaken the same level of development to be an effective leader?

Exploring core issues of conflict, achievement and relationships in relation to your personal life and world of work, the questions addressed are:

  • What is it you do that works well and succeeds?
  • What is it in you that prevents, inhibits or sabotages your influence and leadership?
  • How do you engage and interact with individuals, teams, organisations and key decision-makers over important, critical yet difficult or tricky situations and conversations?

The Personal and Work Profiles (read on) relate to our values, reactions, behaviours and the responses you elicit from others in your handling of critical leadership and business questions.

Building qualities of emotional intelligence, acumen and good judgement, it enables you to take your leadership development to a new level of sophistication; one that works for you in challenging circumstances.


How the stages of development work for you...

Step 1:
You complete and submit your questionnaire which enables experienced analysts and psychologists to create your Personal and Work Profiles. They're both in-depth and personal. Many find answering the questions alone is cathartic, illuminating and the beginning of growing insight into their own patterns of engagement.

Step 2:
Your reports are sent to me as your Leadership Insight consultant
, and I support you through a series of debriefing sessions, working through a section/layer of the report each time. Each layer explores different dimensions of your pattern of engagement, including work strategies, conflict, influence, achievement and relationships. We'll identify the patterns that positively drive you and those that restrict you, giving you developmental insights of how to work with these and their interaction.

Step 3:
You choose the ongoing support and development that's right for you, because this is not a one-off development result. The more we work with your patterns and reports, the greater your leadership grows. Options could be:

  • Quarterly consultancy sessions and/or;
  • Attending a Leadership Insight Intensive - taking your insight into a group setting. Exploring dynamics and power live.
  • Training further to become a Leadership Insight Consultant to work with and support others

This is not focused on analysing you; it is unique to you, and a way of exploring your self-leadership and influence like no other development can.


"The decision to work with....

...Cheryl through the Leadership Insight programme has been the best investment, transforming my business, with 15% growth year on year over the past two years.  Getting the balance between work and personal life has always been challenging, and Cheryl being very adept at interchanging between both, made it so much easier to take bold steps to drive my business.”

— Andrew Moreland, Owner,

"Leadership Insight was a turning point for me...

...I was fed up with constant buzzing thoughts and conflict in my head. Cheryl helped me get rid of the buzz and made me realise the conflict was simply a figment of my imagination. Thank God it's over... Working through Leadership Insight with Cheryl set me free.”

— Manjeet Hirani, Pilot/Commander and Trainer
Air India

"In a fast-paced 24/7 world...

...everybody needs a Cheryl. She was fantastic at guiding me through an extremely personal journey with Leadership Insight and this was very different to the team development and coaching I experienced from her in the past. Allowing me to understand myself better, my triggers and default behaviours, has been key to my success as a leader.”

— Andy Farley, Director of After Sales,
Scarab Sweepers/Fayat Group

Leadership Insight counts most 'in the moment' when you are under pressure...