Inspiring leaders to connect with their own unique leadership

Working with hundreds of leaders across healthcare, industry and elite sport, my experiences and stories inspire audiences, whether I'm your speaker, or as an MC helping your event speakers to shine.

With more than 20 years' experience as an Executive Development consultant, facilitator and coach, I challenge your audience to believe in the importance of taking charge and focusing on self.

Inspired every day by people and the importance of connections, I make it my mission to bring out the personal side of leadership, believing:

  • We are not robots! We need to find our own way

  • Relationships are key

  • People generally have no idea of their own potential

  • Leadership should not be a solo sport

  • Leadership starts within

No matter how skilled or expert we are in our chosen profession or industry, experience shows that investing as much in our leadership makes the difference. 

Alongside my business and professional world, as a wife and mother of two, the challenges and joys of my personal as well as work life often come through. I find seeing the whole person really helps us to connect and for messages to resonate.


My talk titles include:

  • Discovering Your Leadership Blueprint:
    The patterns that work for you and those that hold you back.

  • Do you have influence and impact that counts?
    In a world of uncertainty when people look to you.

  • Conflict at the Heart of Leadership
    Exploring the challenges and how to find 'it' when you need it.

Thinking about your audience...

Whether you're in the corporate or public sector, run a networking group or are an events organiser, you may like to consider booking me as a professional speaker. If you've got a professional, leadership or special interest audience, everyone needs to be challenged or inspired from time to time.

It only takes a call to find out more about one of my signature talks named above, or we can explore related leadership, team or even personal experience that I can build into a talk that would work well for you and be of interested to your audience.

An MC who really makes your event:

A lot more goes into a successful event than just organising the venue, the agenda, invitations and tickets!
By booking me as your professional MC:

  • Your event will run smoothly no matter what situations arise behind the scenes

  • You and your speakers will feel supported

  • Your audience will remain engaged by a presence that sets just the right tone and atmosphere


"Engaging and inspiring... a speaker who really makes you stop and think, before you've even realised how much you needed to as a leader.”

— Suki Banga, Managing Director,
Ararna Limited

"An energy...

...and enthusiasm for developing and supporting leaders that captivates you.”

— Peter Edwards, Senior Partner,
Capsticks Solicitors LLP

"If you are looking for...

...authenticity and challenge, she is the best personal coach I've ever had, with so much to share and ask that's insightful. For me, the coaches' coach”

— Ionut Trandaburu, Director of Coaching,
Pegasus Gymnastics Club


Energy and authenticity that inspires

Cheryl speaking at the Kent CIPD Annual Conference 2018 - Encouraging HR colleagues to stop and notice their unique patterns of leadership behaviour