HPMA August Newsletter Article - VAR for Leaders

Changing conversations about the more personal side of leadership was the focus of the interactive session in June I delivered with James Devine, at the HPMA National Conference.

After a powerful session where some of our HR colleagues and eminent leaders shared what makes them vulnerable, I was asked to write a brief article for the August Newsletter.

We have so many great development and OD projects going on nationally at any given time; national and local programmes of development and qualifications that can be followed. But sometimes, it’s important to stay closer to home and focus on yourself, how you operate and what triggers you day to day especially under pressure.

I believe there is space out there for some new ways of developing and challenging leadership behaviour that starts with who you are and what makes you you!

This is self-awareness with the dial turned right up! But it takes trust and curiosity to explore and make it count - for increased impact, influence and relationships that create possibilities.

To read the full article (alongside some great contributions and updates from across the HPMA network) follow this link or get get in touch:


Changing the conversations leaders have

Changing the conversations leaders have