C&C Search January Event - Getting to Know Me

I had the pleasure last week of being the host and guest speaker at C&C Search in London. Their first C&C Event of the year, inviting and bringing together clients - creating curiosity and adding value to their many recruitment clients. Great to be part of such energy and buzz in the room.

My focus as ever was exploring the personal side of leadership, the emotional interplay we experience which influences how we influence and impact others and their reactions towards us; helping to find our own unique Leadership Blueprint.

Before the event day arrived , C&C put me through my paces to get to know me better, and this is what I shared with them and I’m happy to share with you…

Because Leadership,  It’s Personal

Because Leadership, It’s Personal

We need to take time to invest in our own leadership

People fascinate and inspire me and, in a world where pressure and change is so fast and everything so immediate, I’m convinced that if we make time and invest in our own leadership, as much as every other aspect of our work and lives, the possibilities are exciting!

 It’s worth taking risks

The common thread in my career is a simple desire to work with people. I left a senior role in the NHS as Deputy Director of HR to create my own business.  That was 10 years ago now. I still support and work with many amazing leaders and teams, on projects within healthcare, industry and elite sport.

Leadership is personal

In my talk I share how an event, seven years ago, opened up a new world for me; a different perspective on leadership.  I truly believe not only that leadership is personal; leadership is who you are!

If we are to have true impact and influence that gets results, qualities such authenticity, vulnerability, resilience and emotional intelligence require us to invest in our self-awareness and self-leadership.

Together we will find out how exploring your own unique patterns, those that work for you and those that hold you back, can take your leadership to a whole new level.

Keep things simple

I honestly think keeping things simple is the secret to success. It helps me tune into what’s going on for me and at the same time, what’s going on for others around me.  It’s not money that makes the world go round, it’s relationships and our ability to interact well with others.

 Surround yourself with great people

As women in business, we need to explore and find good people to have around us, who you can talk with and build different relationships with.  Stay open to any conversation, any feedback or opportunity that will help, challenge and inspire you just when you need it or even when you don’t know you need it.

 Work-life balance is about collaboration

For me, work-life balance is about openness and collaboration. My passion for work and developing others going hand in hand with my passion for my family. The teamwork we have making sure I don’t try and do everything myself, because I simply couldn’t do what I do without their blessing and support.

 I recommend Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead…

One of my latest finds is Brené Brown’s latest Dare To Lead, taking you into “Brave work; Tough Conversations and Whole Hearts.

 2019 is an exciting year for me

I’m taking my new branding and personal approach to developing leaders out into the world, opening up the possibilities of new conversations and adventures. Closer to home, my two teenagers keep mine and my husband’s feet firmly on the ground, observing and supporting them as they negotiate and find their own way in the world