Speaking at Kent CIPD Conference 2018

What an honour to be one of the speakers at this gathering of forward thinking CIPD HR colleagues and professionals. So much learning packed into the day, alongside the all important networking with colleagues you’ve not seen in so long alongside some wonderful new contacts.

I had the pleasure of taking an interactive taster workshop - exploring that leaders with impact, influence and authenticity are more than self-aware; they know and can tune into what drives them and what triggers them, especially under pressure when it counts the most.

We explored how powerful such patterns of behaviour can be. With such a buzz in the room and the feedback afterwards, I know that’s a group of colleagues who are going to be noticing their interactions and reactions in new ways.

Plus, I even broke my no cameras rule and created my first promotional video after 25 years of speaking and facilitating. So thank you to my Kent CIPD colleagues for such a wonderful event and I look forward to seeing many of you soon.



The Evolution of HR November 2018