I share my 10th business birthday with James Bond…and Spotify

Where were you in 2008? Do you remember what you were doing?

On October 1st 2008, I launched my business – in the same year Quantum of Solace was released and Spotify launched.

The old adage of ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ certainly could not be truer.

I started out with an idea, a dream of being a freelance consultant, working with companies to improve their leadership, empower both their young or new leaders and refresh the experienced ones.
I wanted to make a difference, to see less conflict, more ability to cope when the pressure’s on, to help people do a good job and avoid HR issues caused by poor communication, lack of awareness amongst leadership teams and company hierarchy.

It’s what I’d done for many years but 10 years ago I stepped back into consultancy and into a world of freedom and variety – working in any industry, employers large or small, leaders and/or their teams – and it’s been amazing!

Cheryl Brooker 10 Years v2.jpg

I’ve supported and worked with:
Probation services
Financial services
Elite sport
Aviation and aerospace
Legal and manufacturing
NHS and Healthcare

It’s the people within the organisations who inspire me. I meet them, get to understand them and either for individuals or teams, get to explore possibilities, look for opportunity and discover their strengths to nurture, develop and build.

When I’m inspired I know that’s when I’m at my best. Bringing strength, challenge and intuition alongside care, kindness and fun, because no-one wants a boring classroom! Through interaction, involvement, feedback and reflection – so people don’t just learn the theory, they do it.
My support allows others to know when they’re at their best and base their leadership around that.

At home, my children were five and three when I launched the business and my husband 100% behind my endeavours.
Here’s to another 10 when the teenage years will seem a distant memory and maybe they’ll be flying the nest, first homes, travelling or even creating families of their own.

I’m looking for new people to work with over the next 10 years – people who want their teams to develop, individuals who want to work on their own leadership and discover their own strengths to take their businesses forward with confidence and structure.
One-day events, coaching and ongoing development – I offer bespoke services to match what you need and what will make a difference to you.
It’s so important to get leadership right and we often don’t pay it as much attention as our professional or technical skills – it’s like the foundations of a building…things will crumble if the core isn’t solid.

Get in touch and have a conversation with me – just over coffee and we’ll talk about what a fresh loo at leadership development can bring to your company or personal ambition.
Take a look at my testimonials to see where I’ve taken others in their leadership journey too.